I am afraid of Artificial Intelligence

Don’t be stupid. Of course not.

I’m afraid of a lack of real intelligence.

People love to play games on smartphones, computers, and consoles. These games are stupid sometimes, but no one cares. People like it.

Many of us use maps on smartphones to go from point A to point B. Today, almost every car has an integrated navigation system.

We use contactless credit cards and cards integrated into smartphones for payments. The bank application is located on every smartphone.

These cases are simplified artificial intelligence and we like to use them because our lives are easier and better.

Amazon Go stores are partially automated, and customers can purchase products without checking out at the checkout or using the self-monitoring station.

Ikea stores also have self-monitoring stations. I love using them.

But people, not all, will say that these machines will reduce human jobs.
You know, that’s true. It will abolish human affairs.
But there is another truth. These machines will generate new jobs for people.

So it all depends on us, whether we want to adapt to the current situation or not. Do we want to study or just play games?

I know what I want and how I’m going to get it. Do you know?

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