The Future

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Covid-19 second wave knocks on the European and other continents’ doors.
It depends on countries, but in most of them, almost 70% of businesses will be temporarily closed.
The same situation will be affected by the education system like schools and universities.

The solution

The solution is simple and easy, inexpensive, and around us. The internet is there, smart devices too. Computers and TVs are in almost every room. That’s all that you need.

Both businesses and the education system can easily implement new technology to help themselves in the current lockdown.

Photo by Matt Pike on Unsplash

Don’t wait

We at Wanloc can turn any TV into a touch screen monitor in just 2 minutes. Then your TV acts as a whiteboard, as a two-way communication channel for playing, learning, and sharing.

If you can forget everything you know about TVs and imagine your TV as a really big smartphone, with a touch screen and a camera, then you will understand what your TV can be.

I have one simple question for you: If or when we start a crowdfunding campaign, do you want to be a part of this future?

When yes, let us share fresh information with you.

Just Click Here.

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